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Last month, I participated in the CodeNow Fall Workshop in New York City.

Since launching in 2011, CodeNow has provided more than 23,000 hours of free training and awarded 216 laptops to its students. This serves as a tool for discovering new skills, while also instilling a unique sense of value and accomplishment. Students who graduate from CodeNow see the inner workings of technology and are able to build programs with ease and confidence!

It was a great experience where I expanded on my knowledge of coding by learning Ruby. From a colorful game to an encryptor, I learned so many thing and it was really fun. I was able to meet new people, it is very inspiring to have people my age learning to code. It is a motivation and confidence booster. Despite only being three days long, the workshop helped me vastly and helped excite me to continue computer science.

After graduating, I have been coding more often, and it was a great push. My favorite activity was the colorize gem in Ruby, it was so much fun! I hope to spread what I learned to my computer science club at school, which I am co-president of.


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