Hacking Generation Y


On January 24th to 25th, I attended a national high school Hackathon called Hacking Generation Y. This amazing event took place in Redwood City, California, and about 450 students from across the country and even the world attended. It was my first big hackathon, so it was really scary at first, but also exciting since it was my first time flying alone.

The event was amazing and very inspirational. I met such amazing people, people who are my age and also have similar interests. Seeing such talented people made me proud to be in the direction I am headed.

My team and I made built Handi-Hacked, which used a wheelchair as a input device for virtual reality.  The purpose was to make virtual reality more immersive and more accessible to those who are handicapped. It was fun to use, and also brought awareness about being handicapped. We used Unity, Java, C# to code it, and to build it we used two mice, a wheelchair, a makeshift platform to keep the wheelchair stationary, and the oculus rift.

We pitched in the final eight, and in the end, we won third place. The prize for the top three teams was admission and reimbursements for MHacks (at the University of Michigan) and HackTech (at CalTech). Also, I was admitted to MakeSchool, and received fun stickers and a very bright orange sweater. I was even able to meet fellow HackEDU club organizers. Also, I made it to semi-finals in the Mario Kart competition!

It was so much fun and I can’t wait for more hackathons to attend!


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