This past weekend I attended Pearl Hacks at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was an amazing weekend filled with great mentors, meeting new friends, late night coding frustrations, and cup stacking. On the way there, our bus broke down, so we had less time to make a project, so we slept very little. Although, I met amazing new friends and had great teammates!

We built Pearl Runner, based off of Super Mario, although the aim to promote STDs. The girl would run away from STDs  by jumping over chlamydia and collecting condoms to protect herself. There was even a fun easter egg we placed that if you collected a Pearl, you were invincible for 10 seconds. It was a humorous way to raise attention over the fact that many people are not properly educated about safe sex, causing STDs to spread.

Our project won top high school hack which was sponsored by Google. It was an amazing feeling getting recognition for our fun project, and the prize was being fast forwarded to the Google CSSI Final Interviews once we are a high school senior! Cannot wait until then!


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